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Black 'SHEET' Squadron...

Great Video from you all. Here's some hints that I learned from Dullette to decrease the canopy glare that shows up.

Black coverage is essential in all the cockpit to absorb the reflections and glare.

I went to Walmart and bought a Flat Black Sheet and a couple of Flat Black pillow cases, and some black electrical tape (or 'Gaffers' tape used in theater productions).

I taped the black sheet over everything exposed in the back of the cockpit. I taped the sheet right up to the side rails to just clear the canopy sliders. I used the pillow cases to cover the back top of the seats, and/or the shoulders of the pilots and gear.

I also wear a dark shirt and hat.

These procedures will dampen or eliminate most of the glare bouncing off the canopy and enhance the photos and videos.

Keep the Videos and Photos coming guys- they are great!



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Yes, nice video editing.

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Awesome Video Matt!  Super inspiring to see your work.  Keep it up.  J
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Video from A2...You guys look great!!  Great work everyone, thanks for everything!

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