Re: Scorpions Practice this Fri., Sat., or Sun. ???

James Graham <jrgraham1@...>

IN Saturday only

On Jun 14, 2018, at 20:59, Carl Brownd - Jawbone via Groups.Io <carlbrownd@...> wrote:

I’ll just checked weatherunderground- they say 70% chance of rain until 7:00am then down to 50%.
But Mother Nature usually teases us and hooks a right and heads East...
I’ll be ready for Sat early if you all want, and recommend 7:30 brief at Eloy, but I’d hold Sunday as a raincheck if possible.

I’d suggest brief at Eloy(or Coolidge)  but if we have time to, recover and debrief at Coolidge (easier to recover at?).
We haven’t debriefed much lately and it might be good to do that, but I’m totally flexible...(my schedule- not my body 0:)

As always, other suggestions appreciated

On Jun 14, 2018, at 5:17 PM, Richard K Schmidt or<rkschmidt1@...> wrote:

Hi, Carl,

Have we picked a day/time for practice?



On Jun 12, 2018, at 9:01 PM, Carl Brownd - Jawbone via Groups.Io <carlbrownd@...> wrote:

Hi Scorpions,

Would anyone be up for some practice this Friday, Sat., or Sun.?

The latest weather check looks like Friday or Sunday Am might be the best with the moisture moving in, but possibly a lot cooler than it's been! I'm open for all three days, but it looks like rain might be more of a consideration on Sat. The forecast will probably change by then anyway...

I will also post this on the new Groups I.O. that Tailwind out together. But, it looks like only a few of us have joined that group.

I would recommend we all join and switch to Groups I.O. since Yahoo has been periodically unstable. If I can learn it so can all of you...!


Carl 'Jawbone'

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