Mexico after 2017AZFC


Hello all,

There has been planning in the works for a group to fly to Mexico after the 2017AZFC.

February of 2016, I had the opportunity to join a few other pilots to fly to Acapulco. That was my first time flying in Mexico and I had a great time visiting many cities and making new pilot friends. I had always wanted to fly in Mexico and two things motivated me last year. One was flying with other planes, the other was having a host setting us up for success. Our host was Alex Parra who has organized many flyin gatherings. He does it out of his passion for bringing pilots together and showing them a good time. Again, this year, Alex has organized some activities for anyone who wants to join. Last year, I mentioned to Alex that it would be fun to have more planes who want to fly formation. Alex has planned this year's Sun Triangle Flyin to be after the 2017AZFC and he has included opportunities for those who want to fly some formation demonstration flights. The basic plan would be to cross the border on Monday February 6th. Spend the night somewhere about half way, like Puerto Vallarta. Then arrive Acapulco on Tuesday the 7th. Alex has broken the trip into segments for people to be flexible about how much time they can spend.

I have created a website about my trip last year and include information about this year's flyin at Take a look at the 2017 February Adventure page and at Alex's presentation. If you want to go, Let Alex know via WhatsApp or email and see the 2017 To Do List.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 2017 AZFC and in Mexico afterwards.

Cliff "Floats" Gerber